Culture and Tradition

Ensure efficient local, social and political structures allowing communities to build the future of their own region without eroding biodiversity.
Ensure people to be in a position to upgrade traditional skills, know-how and culture.
Encourage utilization of natural resources to develop human resources to meet societal needs.


  • Documentation and research of the different material features and intangible assets which belong to a particular community
  • Set up a process ensuring the transmission of knowledge, know-how and culture from one generation to the other
  • Awareness programs to strengthen people’s pride and beliefs in the value and vital importance of their own cultural identity
  • Initiate awareness programmes on sharing of knowledge and know-how to the entire community
  • Trainings on capacity building to further enhance cultural values
  • Encouragement to members who are capacitated to train others
  • Holding an exhibition once a year in important and commercial places on traditional products,  to build a market platform
  • Create awareness amongst the community members to assert their culture