About Us

Grassroot is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is committed to work with communities from an Indigenous Rights and Gender perspective. It was formed on July 27, 2007 with the purpose of addressing injustices that impedes human rights and to protect, defend and promote indigenous peoples’ rights. Grassroot works to empower indigenous people through capacity building, skills development activities, sustainable livelihood programmes, women & youth empowerment and advocacy. We exist to ensure equal accessibility, responsibility and opportunities that are sustainable for everyone. The Objectives we work on involve various sectors, ranging from Culture & Tradition, Youth, Livelihood and Advocacy.


Mayfereen Ryntathiang


Mayfereen is one of the of the founding members of the Grassroot. She has completed the Human Rights and Leadership study from Colombia University. She has received scholarships from Million Kisses Foundation, USA and FAO, Italy for documentation of the Khasi folklore and Herbal medicine practices respectively.

She is passionate about the work that she does and is especially passionate towards working on Indigenous issues with Indigenous people.

Eulina Syiemiong


I am very new to the social sector but I’ve always had a passion to do something for society and improve lives. So with that thought, I joined Grassroot to contribute something to the society through the work that I’m doing.

My contribution towards the society is to start being a compassionate and considerate human being as I always believe that a smile, a kind word, and a helping hand would definitely make the world a better place.

Vivian Oswin Pajuh

Head of Programs

Vivian calls himself a ‘local guy’ from Shillong. He completed his MSW from St. Aloysius College, Mangalore with a Specialization in Community Development.

Vivian had earlier volunteered at Grassroot in our Behavioral Change Community (BCC) as a trainer on Covid-19 awareness.

Lapynsuk Marbaniang


I have a Master degree in Commerce. Specialising in Accounts and Taxation from Assam Don Bosco University, Azara, Guwahati.

I am very new to the Social sector and I am incredibly enthusiastic about making a positive impact in our Communities and contribute my skill and experience in Grassroot.

Manly B Rani

media consultant

Manly describes himself as a friendly person who can easily blend-in with anyone.

He completed his BA from Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore and is currently pursuing his Msc in Electronic Media from Pondicherry University


Project Supervisor

A Postgraduate in Biotechnology, specialization in Molecular Biology from NEHU and St Edmund's College.

Professionally, he is a well organised and methodical individual. He likes to organize his works by priorities & deadlines.

Personally, he loves exploring the distant lands and meeting people across the Globe. He believes that food, culture, people & landscape are all inseparable.

G. Lyngdoh Mawlot

web designer

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.


Consultant & Associate

Graduated from Martin Luther Christian University, Specialize in Nutrition and Health Education.I am very new to the social sector but I've always had a passion to work with people and to improve lives. Joining Grassroot had encourages me to succeed and grow professionally where I can utilize my skills and knowledge appropriately.

Skills: Ability to work independently or as a team, creativity and passion for work, willingness to learn and assist any work provided.

Motto: Be Kind to all Kinds.

Felisha Liam

team associate

I have a Masters degree in Social Work, specialization in Community Development.I excel in organizing and implementing structured plans.

I love exploring and learning new things properly in Rural Areas and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, and my belief in the fulfillment of diligent effort greatly contributes to my happiness.

Hajanmitre Pyrtuh

Training associate

I would like to describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn't believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything I do.

I am currently working as a Cluster Link Worker (as a staff) in the office of the Society for Urban and Rural Empowered. Supporting human Capital Development in Meghalaya.
Experienced as Jaintia tourism and environment society, Jowai Member of V.D.P (village defence party) Sohmynthing.


part time field associate


part time field volunteer

OUR Fellows

Arelcy Lyngdoh

My name is Arelcy Lyngdoh. I hail from Laitkseh. I am the Secretary of the Women's group in my village. My main goal is to promote the development of society by working together with the youth to promote and safeguard the rights of women and to promote employment opportunities for the youth.

Palayan Marwein

My name is Smt. Palayan Marwein, and I hail from Mawkohngei village. I am the Secretary of the Women's group in my village. I am also the Secretary and President of my SHG and the Joint Action Committee (JAC), respectively.

Wandaka Ksoo

My name is Wandaka Ksoo, and I hail from Mudumai village, located in West Jaintia Hills District. I am a member of the SHG, and I was involved with a number of projects in my village after being trained by Action Aid.

I am interested in developing my village, and my main goal is to implement a project that will improve the water supply due to the scarcity of water.

Idea T. Chyrmang

My name is Idea T. Chyrmang, and I hail from Myntdu village, West Jaintia Hills, Thadlaskein Block. I am an active member of the NRLM Project, and I am currently a currently a fellow member of Action Aid. Through this involvement, my goal is to collaborate with community development, especially for women and elderly people who should rightfully receive their pension. In addition to this, I would also like to make the people aware of their rights. Another vital development that I would like in my village is the construction of good roads for easy transportation.

Laitlin Lyngdoh

I am working as a president of women's group in the community and as well as in Mawthadraishan block. My motive is to strengthen the knowledge of the community people on Indigenous people's right, to promote agricultural farming and to look upon the related issues and how to solve them.

We are a passionate team of young and vibrant minds who explores potentiality and ideas to cater to the welfare and rights of the indigenous people of the state. We believe in accessibility, responsibility, and equal opportunities for everyone. Our mission is to sustain and tap the community’s resources and to empower them individually and socially.

Our Address

Nongkseh Kynton (Above Bapaka Departmental Store) Shillong – 793005, Meghalaya, India