Strengthening Community Action for development in North East India​

The Project Strengthening Community Action for development in North East India is a partnership project with the North East partners under the technical support of CASA and the financial and technical support of Bread for the World. (please add the logo of BFTW) . Grassroot as one of its partners is implementing in 20 villages of East Jaintia Hills district, Meghalaya since 2017. The major source of livelihood in these areas is coal mining before it was banned by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the year 2012. In the light of this conflicting issue, the lives of many women and children have been adversely affected due to loss of occupation and livelihood. Grassroot from this lens saw an opportunity to intervene and offer alternative means of livelihood through facilitation of livelihood trainings and sensitization of rights and entitlements. The project aims to benefit more than 50% of the targeted group as women in all the programs, activities and trainings conducted. 


  • To understand the negative and positive impact of NGT on livelihood
  • To identify the impact on health issues as a result of extensive mining
  • To Empower youth and other social groups as agents of positive change
  • To advocate for women’s contribution towards a better livelihood possibilities 

To empower communities and enable them to access their rights and entitlement and mobilize resources to strengthen and sustain livelihood.

To strengthen people institution and alliance building for networking and advocacy in various levels of micro, meso and macro with active participation of women for down trodden neglected community.

The project is from 2021-2024.

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