Integrated Farming System

The Integrated farming system, implemented by Grassroot, is a partnering project with Bethany Society and Meghalaya State Skill Development Society (MSSDS). The integrated Farming System (IFS) approach introduces a change in the farming techniques for maximum production in the cropping pattern and takes cares of optimal utilization of resources. A judicious mix of agricultural enterprises like diary, poultry, piggery, goatery, fishery, forestry, etc., suited to the region and socio-economic status of the farmers would brings prosperity in the farming. The overall aim of the training is to enable the farmers to learn new technologies in order to earn and increase their income. The IFS training is an inclusive training and lasts about 25-30 days with 8 hours of training per day. Both practical and theory sessions were taken on different components of IFS which includes soil management, vegetables cultivation, piggery and poultry farming based on bokashi technology, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, soft skills and development schemes. The training sessions are taken up by trainers from Grassroot and along with external partners expertise in other fields to farming activities and food processing. So, far, we have been able to train over 100 farmers in project areas Umsning and Jirang block in Ribhoi district and Khliehriat block East Jaintia hills district, where 90% are women farmers.

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