Started in the year 2019 in the month of January and initiated by ADB (Asia Development Bank).  The main target of this project is to involve youths who are above 18 years. In a total of 1750 farmers having at least 2 acres of land will be trained. The goal of this project is to support human capital development in Meghalaya. In other words, the youth (above 18 years) will be employed and earn an income. The trainees will be selected through the process of mobilization and counselling and their names will be sent to MSSDS(Meghalaya State Skills Development Society) . These names will be verified by the MSSDS and confirmed that they have not received any training from this similar project. The training will be residential and the trainees have to complete 250 hours and they will be assessed based on what they have learnt and implemented and certificates will be given to them. The training is for free and the farmers will get certificate at the end of their training.

Purpose of Integrated Farming System

  • Complimentary of crop-animal-fish-birds-MPTs
  • Natural resource conservation
  • Higher return-multiple products
  • Sustainable
  • Employment generation
  • Livelihood Security
  • Alternative to Shifting cultivation

Benefits of Integrated Farming System

Integrated Farming can play a very important role in the community in various ways:

  • Productivity
  • Profitability
  • Potentiality or Sustainability
  • Balanced food
  • Environmental safety
  • Recycling


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